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Small world play invites children to not only explore and extend their imaginative skills, but practice building their language with meaningful context. Children will be free to be the writers of their own stories and direct their play in any way they feel. This type of play-based learning ignites all developmental domains and will not be played the same by any one child or on any separate occasion; demonstrating just how versatile these small worlds are!

Our Under the Sea Sensory kit allows children’s imagination to take a deep dive to introduce them to the ocean habitat and the animals that live there.

They will also discover other jewels, shells, sunken ships, treasure and coral that lay beneath the sea.

This kit has been carefully crafted with lots of flexible and textured materials which encourage children to create their very own play scenario any way they choose. As they lead their play, they will engage in interest-led learning, although it also brings opportunity to direct children to work on a specific learning intention. 


⁃ Name and identify each sea creature

⁃ Explore which sea creature needs to stay in water to survive

⁃ Practice counting when finding the hidden treasure

⁃ Encourage pretend play with the sunken ship and treasure chest: Are there divers looking for the treasure? Are there pirates nearby?

Watch out for emerging symbolic play, as children use the open-ended materials to create whatever they dream it to be, and listen to early literacy skills as they use language in meaningful text and extend vocabulary

This kit will surely entertain children for hours and facilitate all learning domains.

We provide the materials, and your child will set the scene and create their very own stories, as LITTLE HANDS LEAD


  • Craft sand
  • Blue gravel
  • Glass stones
  • Bamboo small boat
  • X2 small treasure chest
  • Pirate coins and pouch
  • Assortment of sea animals
  • Artificial sea plants
  • Artificial seaweed
  • Assortment of seashells
  • Storage container with lid (11.4cm (H) X 36cm (W) / 27.5 (D)

All packs may have slight variations in colour and wood sizes. However, the materials and overall content remain the same.

WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: This pack contains small objects. It is not recommended for children aged 3-years and under or for children who are still mouthing on objects. Please supervise and exercise with caution when little hands are near.


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