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Our Numeracy Kit includes three distinct activities which emphasise counting, identifying numbers and number value, practicing simple sums, counting in tens and ones and subitising. The objects can also be used in many other ways as your child explores and leads the play. All three learning activities are aimed at three to six-year-olds and include descriptive information which outlines a targeted learning intention and the skills your child will gain.

There are variations and tips to increase the challenge, depending on individual skill level or age and the kit includes resources and educational aids to facilitate and promote our ‘hands on’ learning approach and to encourage interaction. There’s no printing, laminating or searching for materials – everything your little learner needs is packed in the box ready to go.

Let little hands lead the fun and watch them thrive before your eyes.


  • 3 x ‘hands on’ activities:
    • Thread Counting - Learn to count 1 -10  and practice simple maths
    • Peg the Answer - Practice simple addition sums
    • Let’s Go Shopping - focuses on practicing counting in tens and ones using grouped and single cork sticks
  • 12 x wooden pegs
  • 12 x wooden number chips (numbers 1-10 with an addition and minus sign)
  • Wooden beads and leather string for threading
  • 6 x real life foam vegetables (eggplant, corn, carrot, red capsicum, cucumber, red potato)
  • Cork sticks bundled up in groups of tens and extra for ones
  • 1 x white board marker
  • 1 x number chart from 1-100 (tens column highlighted for extra support when practicing counting in tens)
  • Full instructions, challenge tips and additional bonus play ideas; included with each activity  

WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: This pack contains small objects as well as materials made from foam. It is not recommended for children aged 3-years and under or for children who are still mouthing on objects. Please supervise and exercise with caution when little hands are near.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Menegakis

We absolutely love this kit. Every single activity is engaging and fun, and we spend so much time exploring with each activity and resource. Thank you for all the thought you've put into it.

Maths is fun

Thank you for making maths fun. My child very much prefers tactical learning as he is more engaged and will complete each task.
We have loved it! He has learnt so much- especially when counting in 10s


I didn’t realise how many activities were in this kit. I originally brought this for my 4 year old to practice numbers and for her to feel as though she was homeschooling too with her brother. She has learnt so much! She can count to 100 using the number chart as a guide, add up sums and has so much fun threading the beads. It has even helped my son who is in grade one practice counting in 10s when solving the maths activities with the vegetables.