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Designed with purpose and love, our Little Box of Intentions aims to energise children’s minds with optimism and helps to maintain positive thought patterns.

This empowering activity kit allows children to incorporate self-care practises as part of their routine to refocus negative thinking into positivity. There is also room to allow self-expression and show off artistic skills when individualising their special keepsake treasure box.

We have lovingly chosen 6 thought out gemstones to help assist with encouraging self-love, offering a sense of calm, inner-strength, motivation to fulfil dreams and aspirations, increase positivity and improve an overall attitude to be proud of who they are.

Positive thinking starts with positive self-talk and has the power to help build a strong mindset. This is where our affirmation cards come to play. By affirming each statement, it will increase confidence, a healthy attitude, help work through challenges and reaching goals which will serve as lifelong tools.

Children will have fun using sand as a sensory element. They will enjoy becoming a geologist for the day as they dig up the hidden gemstones and discover their meanings and purpose. Intuitively children will select a particular gemstone that they will resonate with. These gemstones are the perfect size that will fit into children’s pockets, lunch box, bag, under pillow (if child is old enough) or can be held in the palm of their hands which may offer reassurance and calm.

This kit is inclusive of all ages, from toddlers to teens as it provokes deliberate positive thinking. The gemstones also have an aesthetically pleasing element to them- perfect for a decretive addition to the home.


  • x1 Wooden box with Catch 20 x 15.8 x 7cm
  • x5 non-toxic brush paint sticks
  • x1 bag of sand
  • x1 wooden scoop to dig up the gemstones
  • x1 Brush for dusting away sand
  • x6 Gemstones:
    • Citrine: Success, Energising, Creativity
    • Amethyst: Protection, Inner-Peace, Restful sleep
    • Aventurine: Positivity, Luck, Opportunity
    • Howlite Turquoise: Patience, Integrity, Calm
    • Rose Quartz: Love, Kindness, Compassion
    • Carnelian: Courage, Creativity, Motivation
  • x1 Gemstone description chart (A4 size)- Used to identify and learn the meaning of each stone to feed curious minds
  • x8 Affirmation Cards
  • x1 Cotton draw sting bag

Please note:  Gemstones size is approx. 2-3cm. Each stone is completely unique so size and colour clarity may differ.

HOW TO CLEANSE GEMSTONES: Feel free to clean gemstones under cool running water as well as recharging them under a full moon when possible.

WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: This pack contains small objects. It is not recommended for children aged 3-years and under or for children who are still mouthing on objects. Please supervise and exercise with caution when little hands are near.

Customer Reviews

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So Inspiring

This little box of intentions just made my children’s day and their lunchboxes!!!! The affirmation cards are a joy and just such a beautiful touch!!!

Just beautiful

This kit is so beautiful! I brought this for my daughter who was nervous starting school. She absolutely loves the crystals and chooses one to bring with her everyday. We also love the affirmation cards which we have placed on her mirror.
Thank you

The sweetest gift!

Thank you Little Hands Lead for creating the box of intentions. I can’t tell you enough how positively it has impacted my son. This is my 3rd purchase from you and every kit we’ve received has been so beautiful.