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Our Literacy Kit is perfect for young learners who have already grasped their ABC’s and are ready for the next step in practicing their letter knowledge; ready to turn letters in to simple words. Creating simple words will also promote early reading. The kit includes three learning activities including simple animal-themed Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words, common sight words, and secret code words for children to decode and learn. The objects can also be used in many other ways as your child explores and leads the play. All three learning activities are aimed at three to six-year-olds and include descriptive information which outlines a targeted learning intention and the skills your child will gain.

There are variations and tips to increase the challenge, depending on individual skill level or age and the kit includes resources and educational aids to facilitate and promote our ‘hands on’ learning approach and to encourage interaction. There’s no printing, laminating or searching for materials – everything your little learner needs is packed in the box ready to go.

Most importantly, let your child have fun and watch them flourish before your eyes.


  • 3 x ‘hands on’ activities including:
    • CVC Words – A pack of 6 activity cards (animal theme) for children to practice initial sounds
    • Sight words – A pack of 12 activity cards to practice most common words 
    • Secret Code Words – A pack of 12 activity cards for children to "crack the code" using the first initial sound from under each picture, to make a word
  • 1 x set of wooden A-Z alphabet letters
  • 6 x ethically handmade finger puppets, using 100% wool from New Zealand (dog, pig, bee, bug, cat, fox)
  • 1 x Alphabet chart
  • 1 x White board marker
  • Full instructions, challenge tips and additional bonus play ideas; included with each activity  

WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: This pack contains small objects. It is not recommended for children aged 3-years and under or for children who are still mouthing on objects. Please supervise and exercise with caution when little hands are near.

Customer Reviews

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Lara Karatzis
Literacy kit

Great kit highly recommended it

Stephanie Menegakis
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This has to be one of my favourite kits. With so many variations of activities and resources, the learning is endless. My daughter has learnt so much in the short amount of time we've had it and its one the activities that she asks to complete almost daily.

Very impressed

This literacy kit has so many activities for my kinder aged child to practice. Since missing most of her kinder days this year due to lockdown we have been super grateful for this kit. It has given my daughter so much confidence with letter recognition and she gets super thrilled when making words from the letters. I must say my young toddler absolutely loves the finger puppets too.

So convenient

This Literacy kit has really helped my daughter with learning letters, writing, as well as practice reading simple words. I love how all the cards wipe off clean after each use so my other daughter can use it too! The beautiful puppets are so adorable that compliment the kit.


Thank you Little Hands Lead for creating the Literacy Kit. Not only does my son enjoy every activity, his letter recognition and writing has improved so much. I feel more confident that when he starts school next year it won’t be so overwhelming for him.