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Small world play invites children to not only explore and extend their imaginative skills, but practice building their language with meaningful context. Children will be free to be the writers of their own stories and direct their play in any way they feel. This type of play-based learning ignites all developmental domains and will not be played the same by any one child or on any separate occasion; demonstrating just how versatile these small worlds are!

Our Insect & Reptile World Kit allows children to design their own small world. This kit has been carefully crafted with lots of flexible and textured materials which encourage children to create their very own play scenario. The addition of coloured gravel provides a sensory element within their play, as well as a hiding space for the insects and reptiles. Using the little tweezers, children will finesse their fine motor skills as they immerse themselves in their play. The toy telescope allows them to get up close and personal with the critters they hide and find. Observe how your child might explore knowledge they have already learnt about the creatures, and watch out for emerging symbolic play, as they use the open-ended materials to create whatever they dream it to be.

Children will have the freedom to independently set up this easy small world. Once the felt basket has been assembled, let the children unpack all of the materials and set up their very own small world in whichever way their imagination takes them.

We provide the materials and your child will set the scene and create their very own stories, as little hands lead.


  • 3 x coloured gravel
  • 1 x toy telescope
  • 1 x insect catcher
  • 1 x tweezers
  • Wood cylinder chips
  • Lotus pods
  • Craft leaves
  • Driftwood sticks
  • An assortment of insects and reptiles
  • An assortment of different sized wood chips
  • An assortment of round wood chips 
  • An Assortment of large and small river stones

All packs may have slight variations in colour, materials, wood sizes and insects and reptiles. However, the overall content remain the same.

WARNING/CHOKING HAZARD: This pack contains small objects. It is not recommended for children aged 3-years and under or for children who are still mouthing on objects. Please supervise and exercise with caution when little hands are near.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Klemm

There is a lot of issues with the order can you please call me on [****].

Thank you, Jenny

Belinda Toppi
insect reptile world

Brilliant!! This product is beautifully put together and you can see that so much care has been taken. From the way it is packaged to the detailed instruction sheet a extension notes for parents. You can clearly see a lot of time has gone into creating the pack.
I'm positive the lucky child who received this gift is gaining so much out this small world play.
Well done ladies your execution is 2nd to none!


Wow. My 2.5year old son hardly sits still to play with one thing at one time. I was so amazed that this kit captivated his full attention! He absolutely loves it and can play solidly for 30 minutes! It’s been the best!


I’ve always wanted to introduce my son to sensory play but never know where to start and what to buy. I love how this kit has Everything included and I don’t have to waste my time searching for things! It’s so convenient. I love how all the elements are natural so I don’t have to worry about anything going ‘mouldy’ after uses of play.
My son absolutely loves the insects and it’s been great hearing him name them all.
Thank you


To watch my son’s imagination take over is beautiful to watch while he plays with the reptile and insect world. I love everything that is included in the kit, especially the felt basket, so easy to tidy up!