Little Hands Lead is a loving collaboration between lifelong friends Catherine and Gracie. After becoming besties in high-school, we have gone on to become experts in our individual fields over the last 20 years. We are thrilled to now combine our talents to bring you our stunning educational and small world sensory play kits, created based on our belief in the magic of play. The name Little Hands Lead speaks for itself – our kits are all about little hands leading the way through play. In the stories they create, children are the directors of play, using their hands and their imaginations to explore, touch, feel and create.

We have crafted our kits with a fundamental purpose - to inspire busy families and instil the notion that play is learning. Each kit has been lovingly dreamed up, designed and constructed with loose parts and nature-inspired materials, ready for your child to explore. Everything your child needs for their play time is included, allowing children to set their own scenes and create their very own stories time and time again. Children will impulsively make their own decisions on how to use or explore a particular object, material or scenario. Through open-ended play or practicing set out learning intentions, children will be able to extend and enhance all areas of their learning domains.  Each child will use the same material in different ways countless times, making our kits versatile and a key part of your child’s learning journey.

We have designed these beautiful kits to increase precious play time by reducing the time lost searching for ideas, materials, and child-safe items in order to set up stimulating and enjoyable activities. Our educational and sensory play kits provide parents and caregivers with everything they need to empower children to investigate, discover, manipulate and create as the carefully chosen materials and objects provoke their imagination and curiosity, all through the power of play. Share memorable moments with your child, whilst play and learning are naturally intertwined.


From our hearts to yours, we look forward to seeing your child’s Little Hands Lead.




During her 10-year career as an Early Childhood Educator, Gracie found that creating open-ended, stimulating and engaging learning activities was her ultimate passion. After becoming a mother, her passion for learning through play only grew. She knew the benefit of play in the crucial years of development in her children’s lives, and how the magic of play could create so much joy and happiness.

She used recycled materials from around the home and would incorporate them into daily play for her children. Before long she was also creating play scapes for the children of her friends. Some days it was trial and error, but most days it was pure magic.

Little Hands Lead is built on Gracie’s fundamental beliefs - play should be fun and messy and when children have all of their senses provoked it will enhance every learning domain.




With an impressive history as an Art Director and an accomplished Graphic Designer, Catherine’s longstanding passion has seen her great success in the creative field. Catherine has collaborated with many brands and successfully delivered unique creative visions from graphic creations through to full brand development.

Catherine’s creative ability to take an idea and transform it into stunning designs has led her to join forces to develop Little Hands Lead. Her approach to designing each of the beautiful elements of the kits and packaging has been a thoughtful and thorough process, including the careful creation of a colour scheme that invites a fun and soothing experience for the child at play. With the spirit of ‘little hands lead’ in mind, Catherine has lovingly and meticulously selected and worked with particular fonts and drawing styles which the child can relate to. She has designed all of the drawings and activity cards included in the kits, creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will be enjoyed by many children and their families.